The Effects of Internalized Weight Stigma

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What is the experience of a weight-inclusive dietitian in Canada? What does it take to be a weight-inclusive dietitian? And what are the common gaps and misconceptions about weight stigma and weight bias in dietetics?

Join Kori Kostka and Julie Sweeney as they share research and practical tips on how to navigate the emerging empathic discussion of weight stigma.

By attending this session you will:

  • have a greater appreciation of your own internalized weight stigma, and how it may cause harm;
  • be able to identify signs that may indicate internalized weight stigma in a client; and
  • be able to describe 2 to 3 strategies for surfacing these internalized beliefs in your clients.

Date of Presentation: May 19, 2020, DC Virtual Conference


  • Kori Kostka MHSc (candidate) RD, is a mindful-at-heart, Registered Dietitian for over 11 years and current member of Dietitians of Canada. She started off her career working in inpatient acute care medicine, quickly realizing her passion in nutrition therapy. After shifting into primary care, Kori fell in love with counselling and using a Health at Every Size(R) approach. She later started her third business, Nourished Body, coaching mindful eating to clients and other healthcare professionals. Kori is also one of the creators and hosts for the Weight Neutral 4 Diabetes Care online symposium and the Nourished Circle Podcast. Kori is currently doing her MHSc at Ontario Tech University, exploring the gaps of weight stigma in dietetics. She also volunteers with the Central East Local Health Integrated Network and with the National Eating Disorder Information Centre on the Editorial Review Board.
  • Julie Sweeney RSSW, MTC is a client-centered, solution-focused counsellor who specializes in supporting women in finding freedom. Registered with the OCSWSSW as a social service worker and the ACCT as a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Julie offers openness, honesty, and a willingness to be part of your journey. Through a HAES-based lens aimed at helping clients feel less alone in their struggles with body image, Julie offers women the opportunity to develop new skills and ways of thinking. Outside of her specialty with body image and self-esteem, she also works with clients experiencing anxiety, focusing on self-care and changing negative coping habits.


  • Video presentation (1 hour 33 min) including CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


BONUS! This presentation comes with a CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation:

Exploring Professional Perceptions of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating, food, and health habits contain a richness of meaning within the dietetic profession similar to the population as a whole. Food is viewed broadly as both a commodity and a source of nourishment, juxtaposed with the reduction of foods to constituents and nutrients based on functionality. The objective of this research was to deepen our understanding of the roles food plays in the personal and professional lives of dietetics students and registered dietitians across Canada.


  • Laurie Wadsworth, PhD, PDt, FDC has worked across many areas of practice with emphases in public health nutrition, health policy development, and dietetic education. She works with undergraduate to late career dietitians as they examine their career directions. Her research interests examine questions of communication by studying nutrition messages in mass media including social media. She also investigates the role of food in the lives of dietitians, and the Victorian roots of her chosen profession. Laurie served as Chair of the Board of Directors of DC, is a fellow of DC, and is a recipient of the Ryley-Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award.
  • Marcia Cooper, PhD, RD is a Research Scientist in the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences in the Food Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch. Dr. Cooper has a BASc in Nutrition from Ryerson University and holds a MSc and PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Toronto. She did postdoctoral research on iron bioavailability at Health Canada in the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences. Dr. Cooper is a registered dietitian and a member of Dietitians of Canada, the College of Dietitians of Ontario, the Canadian Nutrition Society and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Fellow of Dietitians of Canada.

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