Bridging Clinical and Population Nutrition Practice With the NCPT

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Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and its standardized terminology (eNCPT) are widely used within clinical nutrition practice but were not applicable to groups and populations. Recognizing this, a new intervention domain and corresponding terminology have been developed for population-level interventions. 

Defined as interventions designed to improve the nutritional well-being of a population, the domain Population Based Nutrition Action includes theoretical frameworks, population strategies, population settings, and population sectors. 

Following this session, listeners will be able to identify the new domain and terms used to describe these interventions and visualize the potential for use of the new terms in population-based nutrition practice.

Date of Presentation: June 6, 2019

Speaker: Kerri Cuthbert RD is a Public Health Dietitian with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in Winnipeg MB.


  • Video presentation (1 hr 20 min) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

Bonus! This presentation includes a CFDR research presentation:

Creating a community of practice around diet in primary care: Learnings from the CHANGE Program

Researcher: Rupinder Dhaliwal (with slides)

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