Critical Care Nutrition

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Dietitians of Canada's Critical Care Nutrition course provides an intensive, evidence-based, self-paced learning program that provides practitioners with the latest information on implementing nutrition care in the ICU. Developed by author Michele McCall, MSc, RD, Critical Care Dietitian at St. Michael’s Hospital since 1989, assisted by a National Advisory Committee of experienced critical care dietitians from across the country, the program provides a balance of background information, current research and practical information. Registered dietitians and registered nurses in ICU settings will find this course useful.

This course includes:

  • An examination of the management of nutrition support therapy in ventilated, critically ill patients.
  • An overview of critical illness, its consequences on organ function, treatments, and effects on nutrient metabolism.
  • Discussions on the use of enteral and parenteral therapy, and the benefits and indications for each.
  • An evaluation of the specific issues surrounding selection and supplementation of macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Review of significant clinical trials and clinical guidelines for practice.

This 8 module course includes the following features:

  • Extensive evidence review and specific practice guidance
  • Case studies to facilitate the application of the course content
  • Pop quizzes and end of course exam
  • An extensive bibliography and links to further resources
  • A personal certificate of successful completion.

This course is estimated to take between 15 to 20 hours to complete, depending on past related experience. The certificate of completion will indicate 8.0 Credit Hours once you have successfully completed the program.

This course supports learning (Knows and Knows How) related to some aspects of the following ICDEPs version 3.0:

1. Food and Nutrition Expertise

1.03: Apply understanding of human nutrition and metabolism

1.04: Apply understanding of dietary requirements and guidelines

1.05: Apply understanding of dietary practices

1.06: Integrate nutrition care principles and practices

2. Professionalism and Ethics

2.04: Employ a client-centred approach

5. Nutrition Care

5.03: Plan nutrition intervention(s).

Course content was updated in Spring 2020. The redevelopment of this course was supported by an unrestricted education grant from Nestlé Health Science.

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