Science Is My Superpower

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While nutrition science is inaccessible to the public, nutrition misinformation online seems to be increasing exponentially with just about anyone claiming to be an expert. Dietitians are frustrated by the volume of nutrition misinformation and are overwhelmed with trying to combat it.

As a nutrition communicator and knowledge translator, Andrea Hardy teaches dietitians to combat nutrition misinformation by changing HOW we communicate. In doing so we have the power to shape the conversation, make science accessible to the public, and transform the public’s understanding of their health. By using connective communication with patients, on social media, and in public speaking and education, Andrea shares techniques to communicate science in a way that builds trust, empowers patients to think critically, and develops confidence and competence in determining which health messages are evidence-based and meaningful to them, and which are misinformed.

Date of presentation: June 2019, DC National Conference

Speaker: Andrea Hardy RD is considered Canada’s gut health dietitian and is on a mission to communicate credible scientific evidence about gut health and digestive disorders. She has spoken internationally on how dietitians can translate digestive health knowledge in a way that is easy for the public to consume and inspires sustainable action. Her goal is to inspire connective communication in health care. 


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Last Updated: November 2, 2020

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