Fit for Surgery: Prehabilitation

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Prehabilitation is a new field of research dedicated to improving patient outcomes through pre-operative optimization of modifiable risk factors for surgery. This presentation provides an overview of the evidence that supports the use of nutrition prehabilitation with or without exercise to improve the experiences and outcomes of surgical patients. Additionally, the presentation highlights the important link between community and clinical care in preparing patients for surgery as well as empowering patients to be active partners in their recovery.

Abbott Nutrition provided an unrestricted educational grant as part funding for this lecture.

Date of presentation: January 22, 2020

Speaker: Chelsia Gillis PhD(c) RD is a Canadian Vanier Scholar and PhD Candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Calgary, AB. She has worked with Dr. Francesco Carli as a Clinical Research Associate in both Prehabilitation and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) investigations in Montreal. 


  • Video presentation (60 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

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Last Updated: November 9, 2020

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