Capitalizing on our Connections

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Are you ready to have your voice heard and recognized? Vassy Kapelos, host of CBC’s Power & Politics, interviews an inspiring panel of dietitians who have successfully convinced others of their value. Vassy Kapelos asks tough questions about the challenges dietitians face in advocating for jobs, recognition, respect and equal pay.

The panelists share how they demonstrated that dietitians are unique and vital to the success of their organization and clients. They share real-life examples of what they did, what worked, what changed and what tools and strategies they used to create a positive impact on their organization, for themselves and for the profession. This session provides practical steps you can use to capitalize on your connections.

Date of presentation: June 2019, DC National Conference (Opening session)


  • Vassy Kapelos, host of CBC’s Power & Politics
  • Carol Donovan, DC Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Grace Wong


  • Video presentation (50 minutes)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

Cost: $19.95 for members; $24.95 for non-members; $14.95 for students

Last Updated: November 6, 2020

Type: Learning on Demand

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