Sustainable menus: a consumer trend driving food service

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When it comes to finding new and better ways to serve the consumer, the foodservice industry never sleeps. Nowadays, consumers want to know where their food was grown, using what methods and inputs, and more. 

Our speakers share approaches from A Guide To Sustainable Menus.  This tool was created to support sustainability in every aspect of foodservice planning including patient-centred service, choice of equipment, method of production and distribution. The guide provides recommendations for all aspects of foodservice including increasing the use of plant-based proteins, local and organic food procurement, less processed food, supportive ecological practices, reductions in food waste and reliance on supplements; and increased patient satisfaction.

Date of presentation: June 2019, DC National Conference


  • Josée Lavoie MSc DtP is chef de service de Dietetique au CHU Sainte-Justine in Montréal QC
  • Annie Marquez DtP a Registered Dietitian and Manager of Menu Management and Nutritional Information System at the CIUSSS Centre-Sud-de-l’ile-de-Montréal in Montréal QC


  • Video presentation (80 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

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Bonus! The following CFDR research presentation is included in this recording:

Adopting sustainable menu practices by Beatrice Deganais, RD, MSc (Can)

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