Get ahead of the curve: become a food and nutrition trend watcher/predictor

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Have your clients or patients ever stumped you with questions about a diet fad or food trend? It’s essential for dietitians to be knowledgeable, not only of the latest research, but also emerging trends. Listening to this session, you’ll get an insider perspective on food and nutrition themes that will appear in the coming year. You’ll gain practical tools and tips to help you become a trend watcher and predictor so you can stay one step ahead of your clients, patients and the media.

Date of presentation: June 2019, DC National Conference

Speaker: Christy Brissette, MS RD is the President of 80 Twenty Nutrition, a Chicago-based nutrition and food communications and consulting company. She writes a monthly column for The Washington Post and also writes for SHAPE, Men’s Health, Prevention, Reader’s Digest and many more. A sought-after nutrition expert, Christy is regularly interviewed by international TV, radio, print and online media. Her savvy advice and healthy recipes have been featured on/in TIME, USA Today, Health, WebMD, NBC, BBC News, SELF, Women’s Health, The Los Angeles Times, and The Chicago Tribune.


  • Video presentation (80 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)
  • Handouts (pdf)

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Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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