Hungry For Change: Hospital Foodservice To Prevent Malnutrition

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There is a need for evidence based institutional foodservice standards and models to ensure that food is an effective first line of defense to prevent and treat malnutrition. Current standards and practices are reviewed by the Hospital Food Working Group of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force and future development and implementation of Canadian standards are discussed. 

After listening to this presentation, the you will be able to:

  • advocate for hospital foodservice as an integral part of medical treatment necessary to address malnutrition,
  • compare existing hospital foodservice standards and foodservice models that contribute to preventing malnutrition and consistency of those standards and models with evidence-based nutrition care practices, and 
  • become involved in the development and implementation of national hospital foodservice standards to prevent malnutrition and optimize food intake in patients at risk of malnutrition.

Host: DC Clinical Managers Network

Date of presentation: June 2017, DC National Conference


  • Heather Fletcher, RD, Senior Director of Support Services, Providence, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michaels’ Hospital Network (Toronto)
  • Janice Sorensen, PhD., RD., Instructor, Nutr. & Food Serv. Mgmt., Langara College (Vancouver)


  • Video presentation (59 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

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Last Updated: January 6, 2021

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