Preceptor Education - eLearning Course for Dietitians

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Are you new to the preceptor role? Wondering what is expected of you when supervising a student? Or do you just need a refresher?


Dietitians of Canada is pleased to offer this new elearning course for preceptors. While the preceptor role can be challenging, it is also enriching as you transition the dietetic student, intern, stagiaire or preceptee (herein student) into the “real world” of dietetic practice.


This course was developed, reviewed and pilot tested by a variety of dietetic educators (academic and practicum), registered dietitians and students from across Canada. This is truly a course developed by dietitians for dietitians who will be or who currently precept dietetic students.


Being a skilled professional is not automatically linked to being a skilled preceptor. This course will address key questions you may have about being a competent and effective preceptor.


After completing the four interactive, multi-media, 45-60 minute modules, you will:

  • Know the key roles and responsibilities of being a preceptor
  • Increase your knowledge and skills to plan, orient, guide, teach, facilitate and evaluate students in placements
  • Provide constructive feedback as students practice their new skills, and
  • Communicate effectively, especially in challenging and conflict situations.


You will be provided with teaching strategies, practical tips, self-assessment and reflection activities along with concrete tools and resources to help you maintain your own productivity while transitioning a student into the role of a dietitian.


The course is focused on the national aspects of preceptorship and content is not meant to replace practicum program information that you will need to know and complete, such as specific site placement forms, affiliation agreements, and program specific evaluations.


Your purchase entitles you to unlimited access to course materials for 90 days from the date you register. Extensions will not be granted.


Contact for more details on how to purchase this course for groups of preceptors. Discounted rates are available for groups of students and interns.


This course is expected to take about 4-5 hours to complete. The certificate of completion will indicate 4.0 Credit Hours once you have successfully completed the program.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2021

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