Swallow Screen and Assessment

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The Swallow Screen and Assessment online course is part of three interrelated courses on dysphagia created by Dietitians of Canada. The other two courses are Professional Practice in Dysphagia Management and Nutrition Care Process for Dysphagia.

This course describes what is involved in the swallow screen and clinical swallowing assessment process. It provides a framework that will enable practitioners to apply a critical thinking approach to screening adult clients who are having difficulty swallowing.

The primary goals of the course are to:

  1. Enhance the knowledge and skills of the registered dietitian in dysphagia screening and clinical assessment and use of related protocols in collaboration with other health care professionals.
  2. Identify and explain common issues relevant to dysphagia screening and assessment.
  3. Strengthen the role of the registered dietitian and their communications with other health disciplines to improve care of the client with dysphagia.

At the completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the basic anatomy and physiology of normal swallowing.
  • Be able to recognize and classify the different types of dysphagia.
  • List warning signs that alert healthcare professionals to the presence of dysphagia.
  • Know the disease/diagnosis related risk factors that cause/contribute to dysphagia and their warning signs.
  • Summarize factors in a client's medical history that are pertinent to swallow function.
  • Describe key components of a subjective interview that are pertinent to swallow function.
  • List pertinent questions to ask in order to fully describe dysphagia symptoms.
  • Describe the components of a comprehensive swallow screen.
  • Describe the components of a comprehensive clinical swallowing assessment.

Course content includes medical chart review; subjective interview, swallow screen protocol, mealtime observation, physical head and neck examination; and food and beverage trials used to determine swallow function and deficits. The course includes opportunities for critical reflection, decision-making, and testing to deepen the registered dietitian's knowledge and skill areas as identified in the updated Dietitians of Canada (DC) role paper: Defining the Role of the Dietitian in Dysphagia Assessment and Management.

The content is tied to the Competencies for Dysphagia Assessment and Management in Dietetic Practice released January 2017. In addition, this course supports learning (Knows and Knows How) related to some aspects of the following ICDEPs version 3.0:

1. Food and Nutrition Expertise

1.03: Apply understanding of human nutrition and metabolism

1.04: Apply understanding of dietary requirements and guidelines

1.05: Apply understanding of dietary practices

1.06: Integrate nutrition care principles and practices

2. Professionalism and Ethics

2.04: Employ a client-centred approach

- SUBSTATEMENT i. Integrate quality of life considerations into the dysphagia management plan.

- SUBSTATEMENT ii. Integrate end of life considerations into the dysphagia management plan.

2:06: Engage in teamwork

3. Communication and Collaboration

3.01: Use appropriate communication approaches

- SUBSTATEMENT. Use consistent dysphagia terminology within the circle of care when describing texture modification of foods and liquids

3.05: Use effective interpersonal skills

3.07: Participate in collaborative practice

5. Nutrition Care

5.01: Conduct nutrition assessment

5.02: Determine nutrition diagnosis

5.03: Plan nutrition intervention(s)

This program has been created with extensive input from dietetic practitioners and dietetic regulatory bodies. Dietitians of Canada gratefully acknowledges an unrestricted educational grant from Nestlé Health Sciences. The grant supported the development of multimedia features of the course.

It is estimated that the course will take 5 to 6 hours to complete. The certificate of completion will indicate 5.0 Credit Hours once you have successfully completed the program.


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