Dietitians 2.0: Excel, expand and elevate your practice

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The field of dietetics is rapidly evolving. With the surge of dietitians in private practice, business and industry, the media, and in retail settings, we are at the precipice of change in the field of nutrition. Even those in what may be thought of as more traditional settings such as primary care or acute care settings have to be able to ‘sell’ themselves and their services. 

During this three-part series (EXCEL; EXPAND; and ELEVATE) you will gain the knowledge and know-how needed for success as a forerunner in any practice area. We cover key topics such as planning for change, marketing your skills and services, networking, and communications that are transferable to all practice settings. 

Be empowered to solidify a plan and initiate the next steps to start, transition, or expand your practice. 

Have familiarity with the variety of methods available to market your programs and services and select the most effective mode for your practice setting. Gain confidence in your leadership and networking skills to build the relationships needed to accelerate your practice.

This program is ideal for dietitians across all areas of practice looking to expand their leadership skills, establish collaborative relationships, and enrich their transferable skills and knowledge into their practice setting of choice. 

Host: Dietitians of Canada Consulting Network

Date of presentation: October 26, 2017

Speakers: Jodi Robinson, RD, CDE, PTS, RYT is a consulting dietitian, fitness professional, and founder of Craving Health Dietitian & Wellness Services in Toronto, ON.


  • Three-part video presentation (each video is about 40 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


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