Mental Health and Nutrition

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In this session, Dr. Lachance explores the bi-directional relationship between nutrition and mental health. Individuals living with mental health are at risk for poor nutrition secondary to food insecurity, treatment effects and dysregulated eating. At the same time the nutritional quality of the individual’s way of eating puts them at risk for not receiving the nutrients that are needed to promote optimal mental health. The impact of nutrition on the provision of micronutrients, prevention of inflammation, management of oxidative stress and role of the microbiome in the context of mental health is reviewed.


Dr. LaChance presents summaries of research studies that have shown improvement in depressive symptoms when individuals consume a Mediterranean-style diet: the SMILES and HELFIMED studies. She provides summaries of dietary recommendations for those living with depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders.

NOTE: The speaker has declined to provide handouts for this presentation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Date of presentation: September 24, 2019, Family Health Team Conference

Speaker: Laura LaChance, MD, FRCPC, Slaight Family Centre for Youth in Transition at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


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