“PIC” your patient: Triage using Priority Intervention Criteria

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In an environment of increasing demands and limited resources, there is an urgent need to standardize our approach to triaging patients. Fraser Health has developed and validated a novel instrument to assist dietitians in this process. Our speakers discuss how this tool is being used by BC hospital clinicians, managers, directors and VPs to allocate limited resources to ensure those most in need receive dietetic care first. You will learn about the benefits of using a dietetics patient triage tool, the challenges frontline clinicians may face with implementing a new protocol, and strategies to successfully navigate through those challenges for the greater good of the patient, clinician and hospital system.

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Delara Saran MSc RD is Dietitian Practice Leader, Surrey Campus with Fraser Health Authority in Surrey, BC.

Liz da Silva MSc RD is a clinical instructor for the University of British Columbia Dietetics Program and research dietitian with Fraser Health Authority in Surrey, BC.

Duration: 55min

Last Updated: February 13, 2020

Type: Learning on Demand

PIC your patient Saran da Silva
PIC your patient Saran da Silva
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