Ryley-Jeffs Lecture 2017: It's Rarely Just About The Food

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Why are you a dietitian doing what you do? Although we absolutely must keep food central in our conversations about nutritional well-being, our work is rarely ever about food alone. There’s always so much more than meets the eye. Reflecting on an entrepreneurial path over three decades since starting as a Home Ec student in Saskatchewan, the meaning of it all became clearer with each role in this fantastically diverse field of ours. I’ve learned that most people desire more of one thing. I’ll share perspective on how the more deeply we understand it, the more success we’ll have. This thing is crucial to our effectiveness as communicators, counselors, colleagues and citizens of the world. To truly make a meaningful difference and have a tremendously positive impact on the health of Canadians, we must talk about it.

Note: This session was edited at the request of the speaker to remove the 4 minute video of personal photographs she refers to at about 6 minutes into the presentation. In addition, the song used at the end of the video was also edited to comply with SOCAN copyright requirements. 

Date of presentation: June 2017, DC National Conference

Speakers: Patricia Chuey, MSc., RD, FDC


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Last Updated: June 2, 2022

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