Cookbooks 101: From recipe development to book proposal

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Dietitians are expected to know about cooking, ingredients and recipes to fulfill roles in cooking classes, in-store grocery demos, patient care, blogging and more. Most have a selection of amazing recipes to share but it’s important to learn best practices in recipe writing to be sure you are communicating clearly and accurately.

In this session, you will learn to create and adapt (rather than plagiarize) recipes, and describe the publishing landscape. Learn what editors want in terms of a good idea, and whether you need an agent. This session points you in the right direction on advances and royalties, the role of social media, and the elements of an irresistibly sellable book proposal.

Host: DC Business and Industry Network and the DC Food and Culinary Network

Date of presentation: June 2016, DC National Conference


  • Sally Ekus, BA, Literary Agent, representing a wide range of culinary talent from first-time cookbook authors to Registered Dietitians to professional food writers at The Lisa Ekus Group in Hatfield, Massachusetts.
  • Cara Rosenbloom, RD, President of Words to Eat By, a nutrition communications company based in Toronto, ON.


  • Video presentation (93 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)
  • Handouts (pdf)

Cost: $14.95 for members; $19.95 for non-members; $9.95 for students

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

Type: Learning on Demand

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