Can Healthy Diets be Sustainable Diets? An emerging role for Dietitians

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How can we eat to enhance our own health while also promoting a healthy ecosystem? In order to meet the demands of future food needs, a shift toward more sustainable diets is urgently needed. While sustainable diets need to be approached across all dimensions of the food system, this session focuses on the unique role of dietitians in the development of dietary guidelines and in understanding the principles behind promoting the consumption of healthy and sustainable diets.

Our speakers explore reasons why this shift is needed, how the environmental sustainability of individual foods and diets are measured, how current recommendations are evolving and where and how these concepts have been applied to dietary guidelines. The session concludes with a discussion about specific actions that can be taken for integrating ecologically sustainable diet principles into your workplace policy and practice.

Host: DC Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team

Date of presentation: June 2017, DC National Conference


  • Barbara Seed PhD RD is a member of the DC Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team and owner of B Seed Consulting in Sechelt, BC.
  • Fiona Yeudall PhD RD is Associate Professor, School of Nutrition at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON.


  • Video presentation (81 minutes) with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)

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