Communicating complex messages around metabolic syndrome and saturated fat

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Nutrition information is changing rapidly, and that can be confusing or even bewildering for both nutrition experts and the populations they serve. In particular, the controversy surrounding saturated fat has been widely covered in the media, leading many members of the public, and even a number of researchers and nutrition experts, to question the validity of current nutrition recommendations. The ability of Registered Dietitians, researchers, and other health care professionals to discuss complex issues around saturated fat, metabolic syndrome, and the role that diet has to play in our cardiovascular health is crucial to help the public make sense of conflicting information, and ultimately make healthy eating choices.

Date of presentation: May 2016, Canadian Nutrition Society Symposium

Speakers: Jennifer Sygo, MSc, RD, Registered Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist, Cleveland Clinic, Toronto, ON.


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