Assessment, implication and treatment of abnormal body composition: a clinical practice perspective

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Body composition (BC) refers to the amounts of muscle and adipose tissues in the human body and is fundamental in assessing nutritional status. Abnormalities in BC such as low lean mass with or without excess adiposity are independent predictors of poorer prognosis in a variety of health conditions and clinical situations across the continuum of care. Alterations in BC can result from, result in, or influence the natural history of human health disorders. Integrating nutritional goals for energy with individual physiological needs can facilitate the development of targeted nutritional interventions focused on preventing or delaying undesirable changes in BC. This session will address the prevalence of abnormal BC such as low lean mass across the continuum of care, with practical application for registered dietitians.

Recent technological developments and emerging techniques that can be explored in the clinical setting will be presented. Both clinical and overall health-related impact of abnormal BC will be explored, as well as its implication to current nutritional recommendations.


Carla Prado PhD, RD, Assistant Professor, Director of the Human Nutrition Research Unit and Campus Alberta Innovates Program Chair in Nutrition, Food & Health at the University of Alberta

Length: 1h 25min

Last Updated: December 11, 2019

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