Food safety culture: the next step in the evolution of food safety

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Dietitians care for the vulnerable – those at the highest risk of illness or death from contaminated food and fluid. Nurturing a culture of food safety requires technical procedures essential to identifying, monitoring and evaluate risks, while at the same time fostering an environment where food service and clinical staff behaviours, beliefs and actions lead to mitigation or elimination of risks.

Food safety culture has been studied at points in the food supply chain for the past ten years. It is now time to assess food safety culture in institutional food service operations in an effort to develop strategies to keep food safe for residents, patients, students and customers.

Speaker: Susan Grieg MBA, MSCFN, RD has worked in many positions in the hospital setting including as a member of clinical teams, as a professional practice leader, as a project coordinator, and in foodservice. She has also worked in and consulted with long term care facilities in the areas of clinical nutrition and foodservice. While completing a model review that examined three foodservice operations, Susan recognized the importance of food safety culture, which was reinforced through teaching a university course on global policy and food safety.

Date of presentation: June 2019

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