From EDI to Social Justice in Dietetics: Calling in for Collective Learning and Action on Racism

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Amidst a global reckoning with systemic racism, as well as recent events and numerous reports that have revealed the deeply entrenched racial bias across the health care system in Canada, dietitians are seeking out opportunities to learn and effect change. Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) has emerged as a guiding framework for conceptualizing, approaching, and acting to change systemic racism. This session seeks to engage attendees in asking, is EDI effective in addressing systemic racism, or does it overlook root causes and thereby perpetuate root causes as some have suggested? 

After this session, participants will be able to:  

  • Define and describe EDI and identify specific initiatives for implementing EDI principles in their practice and workplaces. 
  • Define social and structural justice, identify specific initiatives to foster justice-enhancing dietetic practice. 
  • Compare and contrast EDI and a justice-enhancing approaches to redressing racism in their practice and workplaces 

Date of presentation: September 15, 2022, DC National Conference

Speakers: Jennifer Brady, RD, PhD and Eric Ng, RD, PhD (c)


  • Video presentation (1 hour 5 min)
  • Transcription of the session (pdf)
  • Handout and survey response from the audience (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


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