What's Next? Communicating in a Virtual World

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COVID-19 has changed the way we shop, cook and eat, so how can dietitians help Canadians with the nutrition advice they are craving? This session will share valuable insights and actionable tips to help you create amazing virtual communications, become a go-to resource, build your audience and make a difference in people’s lives.


After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify strategies to take your virtual nutrition content from snoozy to snazzy;   
  • Identify strategies to create virtual culinary demos and social content that your viewers will want to save and share; and 
  • Determine new ways to connect with your audience to answer tough food and nutrition questions. 

This session was part of the DC National Conference 2021.

Date of Presentation: June 16, 2021, DC National Conference


  • Carol Harrison, RD
  • Shannon Crocker, RD


  • Video presentation (1 hour 20 min)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


  • $19.95 for DC members
  • $39.95 for non-DC members 
  • $9.95 for DC student members

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Last Updated: April 4, 2023

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