Precision Nutrition - Advances and Controversies in Genetic Testing

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There is increasing awareness among researchers, educators, healthcare professionals and consumers that the one-size-fits-all, population-based approach to nutritional guidance is inefficient and sometimes ineffective. Genetic differences can explain these different responses and randomized controlled trials show that DNA-based dietary recommendations can improve compliance. With increasing awareness and demand for nutrigenetic testing, there is a need for healthcare professionals to have sufficient knowledge to understand and determine the benefits and limitations of the science and testing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how genetic variation impacts nutritional requirements;
  • Learn how to identify relevant genetic markers with clinical relevance;
  • Recognize the benefits and limitations of consumer genetic testing and understand what genetic tests can and cannot reveal about a person’s health and dietary recommendations.

This session was part of the DC National Conference 2023.

Date of Presentation: May 26, 2023, DC National Conference

Speaker: Ahmed El Sohemy, PhD, Professor at the University of Toronto


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  • Handout
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Last Updated: July 18, 2023

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