Best Practices in Dining Technologies - A Panel Discussion

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In today’s landscape, it’s more important than ever for leaders to leverage technology that helps them adapt operations quickly and keep clients/residents safe. Integration and flexibility are the cornerstones of the future in dining.

This panel has worked with industry leaders to make a positive difference for hospitality, dining and foodservice employees, clients/patients, and customers through leading web-based and other networked technology solutions, customized support, and real-time information. We’ll discuss how communities use these solutions to provide efficiencies in foodservice and improve the dining experience.

From this panel discussion, attendees will:

  • Learn best practice insights on how technology in dining that: a) promotes optimal nutrition and dining experience that is person-centered and ultimately improves client satisfaction; b) aligns with regulatory compliance;
  • Discover industry best practices and experiential learnings in implementation of technology in dining from various leaders and partners in aging services segments;
  • Understand how technology in dining can be integrated with existing digital platforms in the organization for safety and efficiency benefits;
  • Understand how implementing best practices in technology can mitigate risk, improve client satisfaction and reduce costs.

This session was part of the DC National Conference 2023.

Date of Presentation: May 26, 2023, DC National Conference


  • Julie Cavalière, RD, Director Of Stakeholder Relations And Innovation at Mealsuite
  • Lauren Emrich, NM, Hospitality & Food Specialist at Schlegel Villages
  • Tara Pfab, RD, National Director, Nutritional Care And Culinary Services
  • at Revera LTC
  • Kristina Parsons, RD, Nutrition Services Consultant at Sysco Canada
  • Twinkle Patel, RD, Corporate Dietitian at Seasons Care


  • Video presentation (1 hour 27 min)
  • Handout
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


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Last Updated: July 24, 2023

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