Canadian farming practices

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Getting down to earth

Fewer than 2% of Canadians are farmers - growing much of the food we eat. With advances in technology, confusing terminology and an abundance of misinformation about farming, no wonder there are so many questions about the safety of our food supply.

In a transparent exchange from the heartland of the prairies where farming is a major economic driver and contributor to Canada's success as a nation, Patricia Chuey and Clinton Monchuk will cultivate the discussion. From eggs and meatless burgers, animal welfare, pesticides and the environmental impacts of farming to GMOs and ‘no added hormones or steroids’, you will leave equipped to discuss the issues whether in the workplace or around the dinner table. Expand your understanding of agriculture and possibly even identify future career opportunities in this important area.

Date of Presentation: June 24, 2020, DC Virtual Conference


  • For 3 decades, this award-winning idea creator and communicator has been inspiring Canadians to improve their well-being. Patricia Chuey, MSc, RD, FDC has a very accomplished track record as an author, speaker, counselor, sport nutritionist, corporate retail dietitian, recipe developer, business owner and mentor. She’s most proud of being a mom - and being able to put nutrition advice into understandable terms for consumers.
  • Clinton Monchuk grew up on a mixed dairy, beef and grain family farm outside of Lanigan, Saskatchewan. He received his Bachelors of Science in Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and Masters of Business Administration in Agriculture from the University of Guelph. Clinton has enjoyed numerous roles across North America as a researcher, educator, manager, economist and director of trade policy.


Added feature:

Take a Virtual Tour of a Chicken Farm 

Meet Tiffany Martinka, a chicken farmer from Saskatchewan and learn more about how they raise and care for their chickens on her family’s chicken farm. 


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