Beyond the Buzzword: QI Tools for RDs

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Think of this talk as problem solving 101 for RDs who want to make real change.

Quality Improvement (QI) is being talked about across our political and health systems, organizations and businesses, but do we really have enough people who know how to do it, or even know what it is?

In our roles we are constantly presented with “solutions” from software to training etc. But do we need them? QI methods are the way to understand what changes might actually help.

As RDs we see many areas of our organizations, we work with many different staff and professionals, and most importantly we spend enough time with people to hear concerns from their perspectives. RDs are perfectly positioned to lead improvements that result in improved outcomes, improved experience of care, and cost savings.

This session will introduce RDs to core concepts, methods and tools of QI so you can start making change!

Date of Presentation: July 14, 2020, DC Virtual Conference

Speaker: Gwen Kostal is an RD from Guelph, Ontario who trained at the University of Guelph and St. Michael’s Hospital. Gwen has practiced in several primary care settings, held leadership roles, supported patient advisors, and worked on various improvement projects across multiple healthcare organizations. Gwen, so far, has had a career that has been unexpected in many ways culminating in her found love of quality improvement. Gwen has pursued improvement training at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Gwen is a fierce believer in working on problems that matter to patients and that by asking great questions we will find great answers.


  • Video presentation (1 hour 26 min) including CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation with the presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


BONUS! This session includes the CFDR Lightning Round Presentation delivered by Jessica Martino, MSc

A national and provincial update on Nutrition Care Process (NCP) implementation in Canada

Introduction: The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) is a standardized approach for dietetic practice which has an accompanying terminology (NCPT) for documentation. NCP/NCPT implementation has been occurring in Canada for more than a decade.

Objectives: To obtain and analyze data regarding Canadian dietitians use of the NCP/NCPT nationally and by province/territory as well as facilitators, barriers, and attitudes regarding the NCP/NCPT.


Jessica Martino MSc is a fourth-year student pursuing a nutrition degree at the University of Saskatchewan. During her studies, she has worked completing a variety research on topics including the nutrition care practice, school food programs, as well as public school student nutrition education. Jessica’s interest in nutrition started many years ago, but she didn’t pursue it as a career until recently. She is very passionate about community nutrition, with a particular interest in access to healthy, nutritionally complete foods for all people, regardless of age, social circumstances, or geographic location.

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