Cannabis and Cannabinoids 101

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The shifting regulatory landscape of cannabinoids in Canada, including the recent legalization of edible cannabis products, has sparked intense scientific interest in this topic. Improved understanding of cannabinoids and the endogenous cannabinoid system upon which they act may result in the development of new harm reduction strategies and medicines.


In this presentation, Dr. Robert LaPrairie will:

  • introduce the ABC’s of THC;
  • describe major advances in research and evidence-based medicine concerning cannabinoids and cannabinoid-drug interactions;
  • describe the shifting regulatory landscape;
  • discuss the increasing use of Cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicines among adults, and
  • provide an overview of the use of, and contraindications of, cannabinoid-containing foods and medicines in common health issues like palliative care, HIV, pregnancy and diabetes.

Date of Presentation: June 10, 2020, DC Virtual Conference

Speaker: Dr. Robert Laprairie


  • Video presentation (1 hour 34 min) with PDF including CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


BONUS! This presentation comes with a CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation:

Developing and utilizing an algorithm for incorporating new evidence into practice

Introduction: Change in practice can result from a recommendation(s) in a practice guideline, a systematic review or meta-analysis of research. New evidence can change practice recommendations and/or the strength of evidence that can impact dietetic practice. The volume of nutrition research published each year makes it challenging to identify the best approach to systematically identify and incorporate new research into practice.

Objectives: Practice questions are the backbone of Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition - PEN System, and the answers to these questions provide recommendations based on the best available evidence. To keep PEN content current, an algorithm was developed to explore options for updating content when new evidence becomes available, in a specified timeframe, and/or based on users needs and topic priority.

Speaker: Dawna Royale, MSc, RD, FDC

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