Ryley-Jeffs Memorial Lecture 2021 - Life Lessons: How an Ordinary Dietitian from Moose Jaw Became President of the First Canadian University in Egypt

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How does a dietitian from Moose Jaw end up as President of University of Canada in New Cairo, Egypt? Debbie MacLellan, the 2020 Ryley-Jeffs winner will take you on that journey while weaving in the important lessons that she has learned along the way and, hopefully, encourage dietitians to take risks, be courageous, and seek out leadership opportunities that will enrich your career.

Date of Presentation: May 5th 2021, DC Virtual Conference

Speaker: Dr. Debbie MacLellan


  • Video presentation (59 min 22 sec) with the presentation slides (pdf)

Cost: Free for all

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Last Updated: July 15, 2021

Type: Learning on Demand