Detecting, treating and preventing malnutrition in Canadian hospitals: Cultivating nutrition research to a national standard

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It is estimated that the cost of hospital malnutrition is $2 Billion/year. More-2-Eat studies (Phase 1 and Phase 2) have been implemented in hospitals across Canada from 2015-2019 to detect, treat and prevent malnutrition. Ten hospitals have improved nutrition care by implementing multidisciplinary approaches using teamwork, communication and collaboration to make effective and lasting practice changes that benefit the patient. Nutrition care changes, quality improvement initiatives and successes achieved will be presented. This evidence-based approach to detecting, treating and preventing malnutrition led to the development of Canada’s first Malnutrition Safety Intervention Standard (MSIS). The development process of the standard will be presented as an example of policy that can be used to support system level improvements in nutrition care practices in hospital related to malnutrition.


Date of Presentation: June 2020, DC Virtual Conference

Host: Clinical Managers Network


  • Heather Keller RD PhD
  • Roseann Nasser MSc RD CNSC FDC


  • Video presentation (1 hour 27 min) including CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation
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BONUS! This presentation comes with a CFDR Lightning Round Research Presentation:

Food Service Satisfaction in Long Term Care: Making the Most of Mealtimes Study

Introduction: Residents food service satisfaction (FSS) in long term care (LTC) homes can contribute to malnutrition risk. Low food satisfaction has been found to lead to weight loss, undernutrition and a spiral of negative health effects. The Making the Most of Mealtimes Study (M3) examined the determinants of food and fluid intake of 639 residents in 32 diverse LTC homes in Canada.

Objectives: 1) To identify resident level characteristics of those who completed the FSS questionnaire. 2) To examine food and nutrition related factors associated with FSS in LTC homes. 3) To validate the construct validity of the FSS questionnaire used in the M3 study.


Speaker: Christina Lengyel, PhD RD

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