Unpacking the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dietitians

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It has been nearly 15 years since the last adult obesity clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) were published in Canada. Since then, there have been immense changes in evidence from both the nutrition/dietetic field as well as the field of clinical obesity, specifically regarding weight stigma and its impact on health. The 2020 Canadian Adult Obesity CPGs recommend a paradigm shift in the understanding of obesity that advocates provider, policy maker and public messaging move away from weight and BMI to focus on health and quality of life. Dietitians will play a pivotal role in the delivery, advocacy, and future direction that these guidelines propose. 


At the conclusion of the 2 presentations, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the complexity of clinical obesity and why obesity is considered a chronic disease in the CPGs. 
  • Identify at least three ways these guidelines, and the related review of the evidence supporting the guidelines, can be translated into dietetic practice to improve the health status of individuals living with obesity.
  • Develop an understanding of differing viewpoints surrounding obesity and identify strategies for working collaboratively to advance change.

Date of Presentation: October 2, 2020, DC Virtual Conference

This LOD includes 2 presentations:

  • Presentation 1: Clinical Practice Guidelines Unpacked for Dietitians
  • Presentation 2: Applying the Medical Nutrition Therapy Chapter to Practice


  • Jennifer Brown, MSc., RD, CBE
  • Carol Clarke, MHSc, RD

Panelists in presentation 1:

  • Denise Campbell-Scherer, MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP
  • Lisa Schaffer, patient representative

Panelists in presentation 2:

  • Lindsey Mazur, RD, MSc (candidate)
  • Meredith Bessey, MScAHN
  • Jaclyn Adler, RD, MSc
  • Lisa Schaffer, patient representative


  • Video presentation 1 (1 hour 34 min) and video presentation 2 (1 hour 35 min)
  • Presentation slides (pdf)
  • Audio file (mp3 file)


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